CocoaHeads Feb 7: First Look at Core Animation

The next CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting will be this Thursday, Feb 7 at 7:30pm. I'm going to give a high-level introduction to Core Animation. Lucas Newman will be there to give some demos and answer questions. This meeting is earlier in the month than usual — two days from today.

The meeting will be in the De Anza 3 Auditorium, which is new location to most people. The size and layout is similar to Town Hall, but it's in the parking lot right next to Infinite Loop (on the other side of Mariani).

Map to De Anza 3 Auditorium

Thursday, Februrary 7 at 7:30pm
Apple De Anza 3 Auditorium
10500 N De Anza, Cupertino

The lobby entrance is on the south edge of the building, on the Stevens Creek side. Walk up and knock so that someone can let you in. There's no fee or pre-registration required. You can just show up.

Also, remember NSCoder Night is tonight from 7pm to 9pm at Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell.

See you there.
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CocoaHeads Feb 7: First Look at Core Animation
Posted Feb 5, 2008 — 10 comments below


Jonathan Dann — Feb 06, 08 5455

Hi Scott,

Is there any possibility of recording the meeting, even in low-quality and putting it on YouTube or the like?

I'm in the UK and find it a little difficult to attend!



Ismael Marin — Feb 06, 08 5456

Hello, i think the same as Jonathan, i am in Mexico, i will love to be able to join you at the meeting but it is a little bit difficult.

Thank you.

j o a r — Feb 06, 08 5457

We plan to record this meeting and post it on the web, just like we did with the last one.

Scott Stevenson — Feb 06, 08 5458 Scotty the Leopard

As Joar says, the plan is to post the video later. Though if you're within driving distance, it's worth coming in person because we'll be giving away a few prizes this time. Not to mention it's easier to ask questions in person.

Philip Orr — Feb 07, 08 5459

It is really appreciated that you can record these sessions, as I know myself, driving across the Atlantic Ocean from Ireland I probably won't get too far.

Thanks again.

Tylox — Feb 07, 08 5460

If I'm pretty new to cocoa (halfway through the hillegass book), would I be able to benefit from this meeting, or would this be a bit too advanced for a beginner to understand?

Scott Stevenson — Feb 07, 08 5461 Scotty the Leopard

@Tylox: would I be able to benefit from this meeting, or would this be a bit too advanced for a beginner to understand

It's an introduction, so I think you'd be able to get something out of it. You may not be able to immediately apply everything you see, but you will get an idea of what's possible.

Blain — Feb 07, 08 5462

@Tylox: If nothing else, come for the camaraderie. And if you have any questions, it's the best time to ask.

cesar — Feb 11, 08 5473

the videos are up @ google video, just search for cocoaheads.

enjoy :D

cacaosteve — Feb 12, 08 5474

You found those videos quick! Google just finished processing.

I'm uploading it in HD here:

I'm trying to figure out how to get QuickTime Streaming Server to work on Dreamhost. It may be that I'm not placing it in the proper directory, or it may be not working right now, according to posts I've read.


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