A Visit to Pixar

My friend's two kids got to live a ten-year-old's dream last night — a drive over to Emeryville to take a look inside Pixar. Josh Anon actually made this happen, walking us around the main building, showing us storyboards, concept art, and full-size recreations of Pixar characters.

Pixar 1

This is my second time getting the mini-tour, but the kids were mostly in shock as first timers — helped by the fact that the whole trip was a surprise. I actually got to see the render farm this time around, but I think it wasn't clear to the kids what a render farm actually, you know, does.

I later tried to explain it as "all of those computers fill in all the colors, light, and shadows." Hope that makes sense to them.

Pixar 2

Pixar 3

The older boy couldn't stop talking on the way back about how incredible it was. As if the actual tour wasn't enough, they also got to play some video games in the break room at the end. I think Josh was partially just happy to take a break from an intense schedule, but he definitely made their year. You can't fake those smiles.

Pixar 4
(Sorry about the phone pics. Cameras aren't allowed upstairs and I didn't want to carry something with me the whole time I wasn't going to use.)
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A Visit to Pixar
Posted Feb 26, 2008 — 6 comments below


Jon Kantro — Feb 27, 08 5576

That's just awesome! It seems like yesterday when the original Toy Story came out and I was 8...or maybe not :p . I was so damn excited. Anyway, gotta love Pixar. What they do is truly awesome.

Tyler Kieft — Feb 27, 08 5578

Those kids are so lucky; it's my dream to visit Pixar and see where all the magic happens. What an incredible experience for them. Can't wait for Wall-E this summer...

Andy Lee — Feb 27, 08 5579

I interviewed there a couple of years ago. Didn't get the job, but loved the visit.

whit — Mar 21, 08 5678

That looks like a lot of fun. I drive by their campus all the time, but have yet to go in. My brother got to take his kids to see Ratatouille there*. I guess when they walked by the Monsters Inc character you photographed, my youngest nephew (3 years old) waved back to the figures and said "Hi".

*He works for Thomas Keller, who was an adviser to Pixar on Ratatouille, so the families of the employees got to see the film at the Pixar studios - I'm still jealous :P

Pecos Bill — May 05, 08 5785

I'm about to pee myself in excitement over Wall*E. Next month!

LorenK — Jun 19, 08 6077

Awesome. My wife worked there before we relocated. It's a great place to work and a really fun visit.


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