CocoaHeads Meeting for May 2008

Everyone's schedules are full this week because of the imminent arrival of WWDC. Due to this and other factors, we're moving this month's CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting to next Thursday, May 15. The preliminary topic is "Intro to Cocoa and Xcode" — particularly for the folks we've recently picked up for iPhone. We'd like your feedback on this, though.

We're trying to focus on topics that apply to both Mac and iPhone, and especially try to help people that are new to one or both platforms. I think there's an audience out there who would just like to go over the basics, but it's hard to tell how many veterans we have.

If this is something you're interested in and would like to attend, please either leave a comment here or email me at theocacao with a mac dot com on the end. Also let me know if you have a request for another topic which you think a lot of people will be interested in.

We'll be in Garage 1 instead of the De Anza 3 auditorium. We also will likely do something for WWDC next month in San Francisco. I have an idea for a topic, but we still need to check in with some people.
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CocoaHeads Meeting for May 2008
Posted May 7, 2008 — 7 comments below


Elliott Harris — May 07, 08 5798

I'm not sure how large the "New to Cocoa" population is at a Sillicon Valley Cocoaheads meeting, but I'll vote against it, since it'll be my first one! I think an interesting alternative that would help new and old alike, would be tricks and tips concerning not only Cocoa, but it's related APIs (Core Animation, Core Image, etc.), and the tools we use on a daily basis (Xcode, Maybe an Intro to using Instruments, etc.). That way we get a nice catch-all that isn't too boring for the vets, and provides useful content for newcomers.

Mark Hartenstein — May 07, 08 5801

New to Cocoa, iphone & MAC, so my vote would be for intro to cocoa & xcode, thanks for being inclusive of newbies.

Joel Norvell — May 07, 08 5802

I'd like to give a brief presentation on a PDFKit hack that lets you edit and save forms. Let me know if that would fit in with the session.
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Tim Trueman — May 07, 08 5803

I'm not a member and I've never been to one of your meetings but I'd attend a session for newbies on that topic.

Christopher Bowman — May 07, 08 5804

I am not a newbie, and I have been to several cocoaheads meetings. I would still sit through this in the hopes I might learn something I may have missed. Could you include a little about source code revision management with xcode? I know it's supported and I know I could read up on it, but if your presentation touched on this topic, I wouldn't have to. ;-)

Eric Wing — May 12, 08 5817

If you are looking for additional material, I might be able to do an introduction to CMake (following the Xcode presentation) if there is any interest. This might dovetail nicely with the Xcode presentation. For Cocoaheads regulars, this will probably be new material, and for new people brought in by the iPhone SDK, the cross-platform focus of CMake might be of interest to them if they are considering reusing model code from their previous platforms. Please let me know so I can prepare something if I need to.

Scott Stevenson — May 12, 08 5821 Scotty the Leopard

@Eric Wing: If you are looking for additional material, I might be able to do an introduction to CMake (following the Xcode presentation) if there is any interest.

I think we're already going to be jam-packed this month, but it sounds like it would be good for an upcoming meeting. Thanks!


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