CocoaHeads May 15: Best of Both Worlds

At the next CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting this Thursday night, I'm going to present Best of Both Worlds. This talk is a combination of an introduction to Cocoa, as well as a series of advanced tips and tricks that even relatively experienced Mac programmers may not know about.

The idea here is that we want to give all of the people who are new to Mac and iPhone development a chance to get started, but we also want to do something special for our advanced programmers. So rather than choosing one, we're just going to go ahead and do both.

Now, let's be clear. The main part of the presentation will be an introduction to Xcode, Objective-C, and Cocoa. This is the talk you should come to if you have programming experience but could use a running start on the tools, frameworks, and development methodology. In particular, I'd really like to get across the philosophy and culture of writing software for the Mac and iPhone, not just the code.

The advanced section will be secondary to the main presentation in terms of time, but my aim is to make the quality of the tips good enough that you'll be glad you came.

In addition to all of this, Joel Norvell has graciously offered to do a brief presentation upfront called A Cocoa Recipe to Edit PDF Forms. Joel has spent a lot of time with Mac OS X's PDF frameworks, so he can give a first-hand account of what he's learned.

Map to 1 Infinite Loop

Thursday, May 15 at 7:30pm
Garage 1, Apple Building 4

There's no fee or pre-registration required. You can just show up. If you enter the campus from the main De Anza driveway, turn left and follow the road all the way around until you see the gigantic 4 on the sidewalk. Walk up and knock so that someone can let you in.

Keep in mind that this is Garage 1 in Building 4 (directly upstairs from Town Hall). This is a different location than usual.

We will likely have a jam-packed night on Thursday. Please show up on time and ready to get right down to business. We're need to right at 7:30pm if we're going to get through all of the material.

I hope you enjoy it. See you there.
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CocoaHeads May 15: Best of Both Worlds
Posted May 14, 2008 — 8 comments below


Ryan Maxwell — May 14, 08 5825

I hope you can record more cocoaheads meetups and put them online (or in an iTunes podcast feed), so those of us who live halfway across the world can watch also. Thanks Scott

Ben Hayman — May 14, 08 5833

I agree with Ryan Maxwell.
So far the recordings I've watched have been great - keep it up!

David Weiss — May 14, 08 5834

Man I wish these were all recorded and available as a postcast for those of us not near by or otherwise unable to attend. This sounds like it will be great! Thanks for doing all this work for the community. Keep it up!

Joel Norvell — May 14, 08 5836

Thanks for the kind words. While I don't consider myself to be a PDFKit expert by a long shot, I have found it compelling and accessible. This is largely due to the robust collection of example programs that John Calhoun has provided. And I am looking forward to providing a glimpse into PDFKit at Cocoaheads this Thursday!

Paul Rangel — May 15, 08 5844

Yes please keep the videos coming. With a newborn I'm not able to make it to meetings but am awake at all hours with "free" time. Thanks!

Mudasir S Ahmed — May 16, 08 5847

This is the best I have attended

Aron Cedercrantz — May 18, 08 5851

I would love it if you posted a video from all cocoahead meetings from now on and into the future. It's a bit expensive and time consuming to travel to CA from Sweden.

Paul Gower — May 20, 08 5871

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the videos. Living in Australia it would be difficult for me to attend but I really appreciate being able to watch the presentations.


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