CocoaHeads WWDC 2008: Tues June 10

I'm thrilled to announced that we have an amazing lineup for Tuesday's special meeting of CocoaHeads in San Francisco. The meeting is June 10 from 7pm to 9pm. Similar to last year, we will have several Mac developers talk about the things they've been working on, followed by a group Q&A session.

Gus Mueller of Flying Meat will talk about the development of the Acorn image editor, how Acorn is influencing the design of VoodooPad 4, and a brief demo of the new VoodooPad.

Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software will fill the self-proclaimed "nerdy" quota by sharing some visualization techniques for debugging responder views in Cocoa. He is also known to improvise.

Dirk Stoop and Jasper Hauser (see his icons) of Sofa will be on hand to talk about their experiences with Mac development. We're still figuring out the specific details of the topics because they've been quite busy, but Dirk will most likely discuss how Checkout uses PyObjC, and Jasper will talk about the relationship between end-user Mac products and consulting work.

Mathieu Tozer of Plasq (Comic Life, Skitch) will do a presentation on the work he's done with Core Animation and custom Interface Builder kit plugins. I've seen the demos for this and it looks really fantastic.

Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire, will join us for the group Q&A session at the end.

We'll start with some "warm-up" questions before opening it up to the general audience, and you're welcome to seed that ahead of time. If you have a question about Mac development that you'd like to present to the panel, email it to theocacao with mac com on the end, using the subject line "CocoaHeads WWDC Q&A". We'll obviously only choose a few to start with.


The meeting is Tuesday, June 10 from 7pm to 9pm at the Apple Store in San Francisco. The store is walking distance from Moscone West.

Apple Store San Francisco Map
Apple Store is the "A" in this picture, "B" is Moscone West

Apple Store San Francisco
One Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

We will not be able to record video, so you need to show up in person if you'd like to see the talk and meet the developers.

Also, Aaron Hillegass will be at the same location earlier on the same day — noon on Tuesday at the Apple Store. Aaron is the author of the excellent Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. This is completely separate from CocoaHeads, but absolutely worth showing up.

We're all looking forward to meeting you Tuesday night and throughout the week.
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CocoaHeads WWDC 2008: Tues June 10
Posted Jun 6, 2008 — 12 comments below


Roman Busyghin — Jun 06, 08 6023

We will not be able to record video, so you need to show up in person

Sadů :( Whether text version of the presentation will be available for download? I'm living in Moscow and I can not be there :)

Mac — Jun 06, 08 6024

No videos : sad news for Foreigners like me.

Please try to provide us at least the slides. Thanks.

Roger — Jun 06, 08 6025

What about an audio recording? Will the guest speakers have microphones like they did last year? Would it be possible to plug a recorder in the mixer so there is a better audio recording? Last year's talk was great but it was very hard to hear it.

Jeff LaMarche — Jun 06, 08 6027

Thanks for organizing this! I'm going to try and make this - have a lot of names I'd like to finally put faces to and say thanks to.

Philip Orr — Jun 06, 08 6028


This might actually be the only time I'll actually be able to turn up for one of these. I'm always looking forward to the videos, if they're recorded, as being in Ireland makes it quite hard, BUT, this time I'm at WWDC so will have to call in.

See you all there.

Simon Wolf — Jun 06, 08 6030

Despite you clashing with Merlin Mann's OmniFocus presentation and the VMWare and Ars Technica/Gizmodo parties I am really tempted to come along. Bah ... too much choice! :)

Scott Stevenson — Jun 07, 08 6032 Scotty the Leopard

@Roman Busyghin: Whether text version of the presentation will be available for download

Since we have at least five speakers, there is no one presentation to post. I'm not sure how we would combine them into one package, and many of them will probably demo centric anyway. Individual speakers are welcome to post their presentations on their own sites, of course.

@Roger: What about an audio recording?

The official word for now is no recording. I'll let you know if that changes in any way.

twobyte — Jun 07, 08 6033

Where is Wil Shipley?

Torsten Curdt — Jun 07, 08 6034

See you there!

Philip Orr — Jun 10, 08 6059

Managed to get to WWDC this year and it it everything, and more what I expected it to be. Even the food is real nice. Getting a chance to get to the CocoaHeads meet will be a real privilege and it's even walking distance. See you all there.

Steve Weller — Jun 12, 08 6066

I've posted some photos from Cocoaheads WWDC 2008 (along with other WWDC photos) here:

William Dahlberg — Jun 13, 08 6069

Great photos Steve! Wish I could have attended WWDC and Cocoaheads, many great Mac developer profiles there it seems!


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