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I got to see an early screening of Wall-E on Monday night. This is by far the most unique and unexpected movie of the entire Pixar roster, but it's challenging to review because there's no point of reference to compare it to — and I'm not supposed to give away major story elements anyway.

With Monsters, Inc or The Incredibles — both of which are fine movies — you can convey the gist of the plot in a few sentences. A city of monsters relies on scaring kids to power their city, or a family of superheroes tries to find their place in the suburbs. It doesn't convey the feeling you get, but you can wrap your head around the idea.

Wall-E 1

Wall-E is something else entirely. I don't know how to describe what it's about without basically telling you how the whole movie goes. Virtually all of the other Pixar releases focus on belonging to a family of some sort, and growth of the main character. Those moments are here too, but it's almost beside the point.

Wall-E 2

Wall-E's intense sense of awe for the world around him is what drives the movie, and you can't help but start to see things through his eyes. The most surprising aspect of the storytelling is something I can't outright say because it gives away too much, but most directors would never attempt it.

Young kids will absolutely love this movie. The action is perfectly paced, and the characters are fun and expressive. I'm also confident than any Pixar fan will be sold within the first five minutes. I've focused a lot on how different it is, but let's be clear — it's a stunning, amazing movie. One of a kind. The musical score, by the way, is amazing as well.

And the new short that precedes the movie is fantastic. Again, completely unlike any previous effort, and hilarious. The entire audience was roaring with laughter by the end.

And guess what? The Pixar campus has a new sculpture outside the main entrance.

Luxo Sculpture

(Thanks again, Josh!)
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Wall-E Review
Posted Jun 20, 2008 — 20 comments below


millenomi — Jun 20, 08 6078

And now I'll have to wait until the October EU release.


Ben — Jun 20, 08 6079

Very much cannot wait for a post-release followup to this sentence:
The most surprising aspect of the storytelling is something I can't outright say because it gives away too much, but most directors would never attempt it.

Andrew — Jun 20, 08 6080


immediate consumption reduces satisfaction...

Steve Weller — Jun 20, 08 6081

From what I have seen so far, the character of Wall-E looks so original and flexible that we could be witnessing the birth of another Mickey Mouse -- one that will universally live forever.

Robert McGovern — Jun 20, 08 6082

This review psychs me up for this movie more than ever, just depressing that it won't hit German (Hamburg) soil till 25 September and then not sure how long till it turns up in a cinema showing Original Language movies.

djlemur — Jun 20, 08 6083

Just saw it myself on Sunday and it is, in fact, phenomenal. My favorite Pixar film to date.

I'm thinking about seeing it again, because it's clear they paid massive amounts of attention to detail and there's no doubt that it will reveal gems on a second viewing that would be masked by a general sense of awe on first view.

Scott Stevenson — Jun 20, 08 6084 Scotty the Leopard

@Ben: Very much cannot wait for a post-release followup to this sentence
I hope I didn't oversell it. To me, it was significant.

Paul D. Waite — Jun 23, 08 6085

In the UK, we get it on July 18th. Woo hoo!

mandaris — Jun 30, 08 6125

I saw Wall-E last Friday, and I have to say that this is my favorite Pixar movie.

I don't want to give too much away, but after seeing the movie I looked around the theater and thought, "the future that the movie talks about doesn't look too far away..."

Jantzen — Jul 01, 08 6131

I have seen this movie twice in the last two days and can not stop thinking about it. It is unlike any pixar movie I have witnessed, or for that matter any movie. It's main character the robot WALL E has the most innocence, curiosity, and humnaity that I have ever seen. The movies easy humor and captivating story shows a tale of unparralled love rivaled only by that of the best live action movies. This movie proves that pixar has just begun and to me, has made its spot on the list of Disney's best.

Tim — Jul 01, 08 6134

OK- just seen it (UK, over in the US at the moment). Got to agree- this is Pixar's finest work. Absolutely wonderful.

warren — Jul 02, 08 6139

I loved the movie.

I saw it in a theatre, with a group of relatives, cousins, uncles, friends. We ranged in age from 5 to 55 and everybody who saw the movie loved it.

I loved the story, the animation/rendering and character design was intricate, and superb. There is just so much to say about this movie. They really communicate visually in this story, but the audio (soundtrack music in particular) was really well done.

**Minor-Spoiler Alert: STOP READING NOW.**

.. okay ...

One of my favourite little "riffs" in the film, is the way that Wall-E seems to effect a change on everyone he meets. This is reflected by a signature gesture, universally understood as a sign of friendship: The friendly wave of a hand.



Felipe — Jul 03, 08 6141

I loved Wall-E, the renderings were stunning and the plot was cute, but I did not like the depiction of the deterioration of our society. We are a unique race where each one of us in an individual, I find it hard to believe that technology would change that.

This was done to make a point, but it was forced a little too hard.

saf — Jul 03, 08 6143

think the movie was a lil borin... but sad too coz of wall e ( him bein loney and that.. ) didnt no the other robot was a girl loL. . watched movee online :Papple

patrick — Jul 11, 08 6151

Wall-E totally looks like the robot from "Short Circuit"... minus the cheesy 80's style of course

kee — Jul 14, 08 6159

Epic Pixar movie. Their very best. Can't describe how impressed and captivated I was!

Edward White — Jul 20, 08 6176

An extraordinary piece of cinematic genius. This film will surely go down as one of the greatest pieces of animation this century. <b>
Everything about this film works and if you have in mind to wait for the DVD, don't; it's a big screen adventure and one not to be missed.

Scott — Jul 21, 08 6179

Complete agreement- as a filmmaker I was completely blown away by most everything about the film- amazing how it appealed to all theater-going demographics.

The ONLY slight issue I had (I won't spoil anything here by revealing anything) is the film's depiction of the human race- a bit unsettling as we sat in a theatre eating popcorn and drinking sugar-water...

Then again- might be the intent of the filmmakers as well.


Don't be surprised if you see Oscar nominations.

Rajorshi — Sep 05, 08 6330

Wonderful review. I agree one hundred percent. This is Pixar's genius at its best. My personal take at : http://www.rajorshi.net/blog/pixar-is-god

dpencilpusher — Feb 19, 09 6612

EVE looks like an Apple product


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