"Presto" Pixar Short on iTunes

Presto is the short that is currently running in front of Wall-E, and it's now available on iTunes. This is by far my favorite Pixar short, and again shows just how much you can do in a brief format with no dialog at all.

Presto 1

Presto 2

When I saw Wall-E the first time through (I since saw it again), the entire audience was rolling in laughter by the end. I probably almost never laugh at out loud at movies and I lost it.

Presto 3

Side note: There are at least three Apple in-jokes in Wall-E. One is very obvious, the other only flashes on the screen briefly, and the third is hidden in plain sight for a good portion of the movie.
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"Presto" Pixar Short on iTunes
Posted Jul 2, 2008 — 8 comments below


Tornique Tvalavadze — Jul 02, 08 6135

Can't wait till Wall-E premiere, it's going to be one of the best animated movies I've ever seen, I'm totally in love with trailers.

Are there any other Apple in-jokes than "Apple Car" in Cars?

David Weiss — Jul 02, 08 6137

Are you talking about the system boot sound when Wall-E is fully charged? This must be the obvious one you were referring to. I didn't see the others, but I've only seen it once. Maybe on the second time.

Phil Dokas — Jul 02, 08 6138

Oh I'd say there were many more than three. I can recall these from my viewing:

  • The startup sound
  • The Hello Dolly player
  • The skittering second gen. ADB mouse in the trash room
  • The Axiom's voice
  • EVE, but she hardly needs be mentioned

I've heard there's a specific scene that looks an awful lot like 10.5's default nebula desktop picture, but I didn't catch that one.

Wysiwyg — Jul 03, 08 6140

Is the sun in Wall-E's battery meter the icon from the brightness control in OS X?

Brad Gignac — Jul 03, 08 6142

Don't forget the Mac spinner that runs around Eve's neck.

Tornique Tvalavadze — Jul 07, 08 6146

I've heard that EVE draft drawings is actually work of Jonathan Ive himself.

Chris — Jul 11, 08 6150

While it hasn't been actually confirmed that Ive's drawings were used, he did consult. I doubt that he did much though, as it was only once, for one day, and he was kind of tight lipped about a lot of things.

Steven G. Harms — Jul 11, 08 6152

I loved the "Presto" short as well, but I couldn't help thinking that it was a comical implementation of the ideas used in Valve's "Portal"


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