Fractional Page Loads at CDC

I've received a few reports of fractional page loads on Cocoa Dev Central. Based on descriptions, it seems as though some data isn't making it to the browser.

If anybody sees this, please send me (my first name at a copy of the source of both the page and the CSS file that's referenced inside. Please provide all the details you can spare about your OS, internet connection, and browser.

I suspect it's some sort of server-side issue since I haven't modified the CSS file in a while and the server was the last thing to change. I pretty much brought the Apache config file straight across from the last machine, so I guess it could be a bug somewhere in the TCP/IP stack.
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Fractional Page Loads at CDC
Posted Feb 20, 2005 — 4 comments below


Scott Stevenson — Feb 20, 05 97 Scotty the Leopard

I think I *may* have solved it, following some of the most bizarre and unexplained errors I have ever seen in the CSS validator.

Scott Stevenson — Feb 21, 05 98 Scotty the Leopard

I just received confirmation that my fix does not work. Looks like it could actually be a network issue of some variety.

Simfonie — Mar 19, 05 117

It's happening here, at Theobroma Cacao, too.

Scott Stevenson — May 29, 05 180 Scotty the Leopard

I believe this issue is now fixed.


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