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Comment on "Cocoa Sample Code: SimplePicture"
by Qwerty Denzel — Sep 30
This tutorial covers a great set of concepts for the beginner. Thanks Scott!

I once made a small image viewer that uses OpenGL to display the images (Quartz's ImageIO for loading), which had simple tools for grab-scrolling and zooming.
I wasn't quite happy with it for a couple of reasons. One was that it didn't anti-alias properly (which could be solved by scaling with Quartz 2D or vImage, but this negates the purpose of using OpenGL). It also consumed a lot of memory for large images, so I wanted to find a process of loading the bitmap tiles (the image already needs to be chopped-up to fit into texture-sized pieces) so that they were loaded dynamically, instead of all at once.

I'll post an example here if you like, I'll just need to finish some work off first though. :)

Oh, and those thumbnails look a bit rough. If only we had some way of smoothing themů
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