TextMate Talk at CocoaHeads

Maybe just saying "hey, show up" isn't quite enough to get you to CocoaHeads, so I'm sweetening the deal. I'm going to give a short talk on using TextMate for Cocoa projects. Thursday, November 9 at 7:30pm. Apple Building 1.

Update: I talked to Allan Odgaard and he agreed to let me give away two free copies of TextMate to two lucky folks at the talk. So there you go. Just by showing up, you have a chance of winning free software. Does it get any better?
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TextMate Talk at CocoaHeads
Posted Nov 8, 2006 — 5 comments below


Dan Price — Nov 08, 06 2340

Awwww! I so want to go now. But I live in England :(

Is it possible you can put up your findings in a new cocoa article or something? I tried TextMate out after your earlier posts and was very impressed with it. Code collapse! Tabbed-documents! I've not registered it yet, but probably will.

Have a good day.

Jasper — Nov 08, 06 2342

Too bad, i live in holland :-( (but i got my license)
Is it made into a sceencast ? :-D

Scott Stevenson — Nov 08, 06 2347 Scotty the Leopard

Is it possible you can put up your findings in a new cocoa article or something?

I'll at least post the slides, and one of the major additions is described here.

Blain — Nov 09, 06 2366

Against my fears, I'm going to install Textmate on my powerbook. I tried it once, and despite the code collapse, it didn't click with me.

Truth be told, the videos scared me. Control-F7? Bundles for commands? I have no doubt that this is the Gui text editor to end all text editors, but my keyboard doesn't have a Meta key!

Scott Stevenson — Nov 09, 06 2368 Scotty the Leopard


I don't even know what that does, but let me know if it's interesting.

Bundles for commands?

Eh? :)


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