I Heart the Holiday Mac Ads

I'm pretty sure I've never really gushed about Apple ads. I like the new iPod Shuffle ads, and they do what they set out to do well. But man oh man, I love the holiday-themed Mac ads.

Holiday Mac Ads

The Gift Exchange spot is perhaps my favorite of any product-centric Apple ad ever (Think Different and 1984 are more concept ads). There are so many layers to it, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Watch it now.

One line sums up Sales Pitch: "It's very subtle." The entire stretch of Meant for Work is comedy perfection. "I'm crying myself to sleep mode."

So I don't actually have anything insightful to say about the ads beyond the obvious "make sure to watch them" and "they are hysterical," but I needed at least a few paragraphs to justify a post about it.

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I Heart the Holiday Mac Ads
Posted Nov 28, 2006 — 5 comments below


Jan — Nov 28, 06 2494

Not sure why John doesn't find them "especially funny". I especially dig the crying to sleep mode line. They are great ads.

David Cairns — Nov 28, 06 2495

Hmm, you don't think "Sales Pitch" was a little much? That said, I really enjoyed the other two. And the new Shuffle ad is perfect.

Scott Stevenson — Nov 28, 06 2496 Scotty the Leopard

Hmm, you don't think "Sales Pitch" was a little much?

More specifically?

Carl — Nov 29, 06 2497

I too like the new ads. I never liked the old ads all that much, but this set is really fresh and funny.

Bill Coleman — Dec 01, 06 2523

I've said it before. This advertising series is absolutely freaking brilliant.

And I agree about the Gift Exchange having many layers. Ooooo.


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