CocoaRadio Interview at Macworld SF

Blake Burris has posted the Cocoa Radio interview he did with me last week during Macworld. We talk about Cocoa, mentoring Mac developers, iPhone development, Dashcode, Sidekick, some of the connections between Cocoa apps and web services, and how to pronounce Theocacao.
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CocoaRadio Interview at Macworld SF
Posted Jan 16, 2007 — 4 comments below


Jim Getzen — Jan 16, 07 3277

Hmm, after listening to interview, I'm still not sure how to pronounce Theocacao.

In my head, I was pronouncing like "theo cocoa," which created some mental dissonance since "cacao" simply can't be pronounced the same as "cocoa." Yet, the way the interviewer pronounced it ("ka-cow") didn't click either.

What does it mean anyway?

Scott Stevenson — Jan 16, 07 3284 Scotty the Leopard

Theobroma Cacao is the scientific name for the Cocoa tree. The original idea was that the combination of "Tree" (as in Tree House Ideas) and "Cocoa" fit well. In my head, the site is "Thee-oh-ko-ko," but I didn't even consider that it's technically the incorrect pronunciation until recently. So I dunno. Pronounce it however. :)

Jim Getzen — Jan 16, 07 3292

Oh, OK, neat etymology.

Pronounce it however. :)

Will do. :)

Nea — Feb 10, 07 3562

Funny, in other languages (German for instance) the word is spelled Cacao (or Kakao), and it's not very obvious how to pronounce Cocoa correctly.


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