Calling All Deutsch Cocoa Bloggers

I'd like to do something to help Deutsch Cocoa developers, but first I need to get a reasonable collection of active German-language Cocoa blogs. If you know of such a blog which is updated with Cocoa content at least once every three weeks, send an email to Cocoa Dev Central. Bitte, write the email in English. Ich spreche nur ein klein wenig Deutsch.

Update: So I guess technically that should be "Deutsche Cocoa Bloggers" instead? Sorry about that.
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Calling All Deutsch Cocoa Bloggers
Posted Apr 19, 2007 — 7 comments below


Michael Engel — Apr 19, 07 3939

Hi Scott, you might also try posting a message on (German-speaking OS X developers forum), that's where a lot of Cocoa and OS X developers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland hang out...

Jonas Greitemann — Apr 19, 07 3940


it's great to see an American caring about German developers. Unfortunately, except of I don't know any German Cocoa resource. I'm not quite sure whether such an offer would be appreciated enough. In my opinion, the world of (Cocoa) development is definitely English-speaking and every developers English skills should be good enough to understand your and other's writings.

Nevertheless, I like this approach.

Vielen Dank,

Andreas Kompanez — Apr 19, 07 3941


i've done a Post on You can check it out here. Maybe this way, we will find some.

Jose R. Vazquez — Apr 19, 07 3942

JAjaja... I followed Andreas' link. They seem to be having a lively discussion over there. I studied German for a couple of years so I can sort of follow the gist of it (They are talking about a hot chocolate drinking Gorillla name "Sowas", right??). Personally, I would like Spanish to take over the world... but that ain't gonna happen... So I'll just drink from the lets-all-speak-english Kool-Aid :-)

allan — Apr 19, 07 3944

thank you steve for offering german devolopers your help...

the most difficult is the start in a new language ;)


Marco Masser — Apr 20, 07 3947

Hey, thanks for pointing that out. I'm Austrian, so my native language is German but I never really thought that there's something like a German-speaking Cocoa community out there. I have to check that out...

But one question, Scott: why are you doing this? Don't get me wrong, I just can't figure out a reason for doing this... But I appreciate it.

Samuel — Apr 22, 07 3950

I just stumbled upon this german blog:


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