"Going Indie" CocoaHeads at WWDC 2007

I'm pleased to announce the "Going Indie" CocoaHeads on Wednesday, June 13 at the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco from 7pm to 9pm. This meeting will focus on how aspiring independent Mac developers can convert their passion into a real, functioning business. Because we have visitors from out of town, this meeting features an all-star cast.

So far, we have Daniel Jalkut, Gus Mueller, and Wil Shipley. We may look at adding one or two more guests if possible since one of the cast members will be in Denmark at the time (even though I'm holding his award ransom).

Apple Store SF Schedule

We're still working out the specific topics of each presentation (dynamic binding at runtime), but the gist is that each of our featured guests will give a short presentation and/or demo, and we'll leave a bunch of time at the end for Q&A. If you have some questions you'd like to queue up now, you can leave them in the comments or email me. Please use the subject "CococaHeads WWDC" if using email.

Apple Store SF Map

I can't speak for everyone else, but my plan is to hang around as long as I can after we're "officially" done, and talk to anyone who wants to talk. The store closes at 9pm, but maybe we can move to somewhere nearby.

See you there.
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"Going Indie" CocoaHeads at WWDC 2007
Posted Jun 7, 2007 — 23 comments below


Kyle — Jun 07, 07 4240

You are now penciled in for Wednesday.

Which basically means "I'm totally there dude."

Aaron Tait — Jun 08, 07 4241

Cool! Count me in. You picked the perfect day/time. Any chance of creating an iCal item?

Peter Hosey — Jun 08, 07 4242

Aaron Tait: Colin Barrett made one.

Anonymous Swine — Jun 08, 07 4243

Are you going to record this event (video or audio) for us unfortunate souls who cannot attend?

Jordan Chark — Jun 08, 07 4244

I'm SO regretting I can't go to WWDC right now...

Brian Amerige — Jun 08, 07 4245

I'm in the same boat as Anonymous Swine and Jordan Chark here ---- seriously regretting that I'm not attending this year. (Scheduling conflicts, damnit!)

In any case, will you be recording this?

Peter Schols — Jun 08, 07 4246


I'm a daily reader and huge fan of Theocacao, CocoaDevCentral and Cocoa Blogs and I'm so glad that I'll finally be able to meet you in person.
If the CocoaHeads meeting is from the same quality as your blog posts and tutorials, this will definitely be one of the most interesting WWDC 'sessions'.

Thanks for organizing this during WWDC!

Michael Stroeck — Jun 08, 07 4247

Nice! I'll be there.

Bagelturf — Jun 08, 07 4249

How about having name tags for everybody for this Cocoaheads? A broadcasting message system will be more efficient than point-to-point in this busy and time-limited environment.

They should include two extra lines though: Company and Application.

Clint — Jun 08, 07 4250

a podcast (or any form of transcript) would be really, really appreciated. i fit the "aspiring independent Mac developer" and would love to hear what these developers have to say.

Blain — Jun 08, 07 4251

I'm also regretting that I can't make WWDC, and a scheduling conflict makes even going to just Cocoaheads a no-go. I remember Wil Shipley had posted his slides and recorded his presentation (Or, rather, did his presentation again for an MP3), so even if there's no recording or transcript, something along those lines would be awesome.

Mark Myers — Jun 08, 07 4255

Great! I'm looking forward to this almost as much as I am to WWDC itself.

Oskar Lissheim-Boethius — Jun 08, 07 4257

Count me in. Anything with Wil Shipley in it is automatically going to be awesome.

Scott Stevenson — Jun 09, 07 4260 Scotty the Leopard

@Brian Amerige: In any case, will you be recording this?

Personally, my first priority is to do everything I can to make sure the event goes well for the people who are there at the time. Dealing with a recording at the same time is a lot of extra work, so I don't have any plans to orchestrate that right now. Maybe we can figure something out, though.

Kevin Wojniak — Jun 09, 07 4275

I will try to be there - looking forward to it!

Gareth — Jun 09, 07 4276

I am so there!

Sean Johnson — Jun 09, 07 4278

I'll be there. I've been reading Scott's, Gus', and Wil's and Daniel's blogs for a long time and I'm looking forward to finally meeting everyone.

Peter Jaros — Jun 10, 07 4281

I'd really appreciate a recording as well, but I know your first responsibility is to the people who are actually there, and that's the right choice. Any chance of a Ustream, maybe? That's easy enough; it really just takes one MacBook pointed at the panel.

Kevin Lewis — Jun 10, 07 4283

Scott, I'm planning on attending. I have hard drive space, a personal copy Final Cut 2 Studio, and I checked out the store yesterday. Between my stuff and their equipment there, and what I know, I could assist and be happy to make an audio & video podcast if you are interested. (If someone has a DV Camera or one at the store, that would be even better)
I've been a long time reader of your stuff and "hobiest" with cocoa, but my strengths are in audio & video editing and events. Let me know how I can be of assistance.

Peter Jaros — Jun 10, 07 4285

Ugh. Really sorry for posting the same thing *3 times*. I was refreshing the page to keep up with comments, and apparently that kept sending POSTs.

Mea culpa. :-/

SillyCheapProgrammer — Jun 11, 07 4307

Sounds great... but is it also open to non-WWDC attendees?

(... he asks from the uber-cheap seats.)

Scott Stevenson — Jun 11, 07 4308 Scotty the Leopard

Sounds great... but is it also open to non-WWDC attendees?
Yes. The CocoaHeads meeting is open to the public. No fee or registration is necessary. Just show up.

Sean Todd — Jun 13, 07 4345

I plan on being there with my laptop. I will record the audio. I can't guarantee that the quality will be anything fantastic, but it is worth a shot. I'll post the file on my site and leave a comment here later with the link.


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