Audio from CocoaHeads WWDC 2007

Steve Weller emailed me to tell me the audio he recorded for the CocoaHeads session at the Apple Store last week is available for download as 131MB of MP3 goodness. I haven't listened to it yet, but keep in mind the whole event was rearranged at the last minute, so we all had to sort of wing it. Thanks to Alien Orb Software for hosting the download.
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Audio from CocoaHeads WWDC 2007
Posted Jun 20, 2007 — 3 comments below


Brian Christensen — Jun 20, 07 4428

The actual download can be found at this location.

Scott Stevenson — Jun 20, 07 4429 Scotty the Leopard

The actual download can be found at this location
That's good too.

Chris Hanson — Jun 24, 07 4439

It would be great if someone could put together just some static RSS for those as a podcast. The way podcasts are handled by iTunes, the iPod, and Apple TV makes things like these longer segments really easy to listen to.

All the page would need is a static RSS file pointed to by a meta link element and it would work as a podcast. (If I find myself with some free time... But nobody else should let that stop them!)


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