Panorama from CocoaHeads WWDC 2007

I thought we were essentially done with posts from CocoaHeads from WWDC, but Travis from the Apple Store SF sent me a photo that was too good to pass up. He mentioned that he was expecting 30-40 people, and configured the sound accordingly. As you can see from the photo, there were a few more than that, which is why it was difficult to hear in the back.

CocoaHeads WWDC Apple Store SF

That's Daniel Jalkut up on stage. Thanks again to everyone for showing up in force. Also, a big thanks to Travis for making things go so smoothly for the speakers.
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Panorama from CocoaHeads WWDC 2007
Posted Jun 20, 2007 — 5 comments below


Pete Callaway — Jun 20, 07 4430

I can see me! Fame at last - kinda.

I wonder if the camera club before us realised we weren't all there for them? ;) Thanks again for organising this Scott.


Trausti Thor Johannsson — Jun 20, 07 4431

Will that talk ever be available on video download ?

Scott Stevenson — Jun 20, 07 4432 Scotty the Leopard

Will that talk ever be available on video download ?
As far as I know, no one recorded video.

Jon Trainer — Jun 21, 07 4434

That's a great photo... kind of surreal.

How many people do you normally see at your SF CocoaHeads meetings?

Ted — Jun 21, 07 4435

Nice! That's my elbow on the right hand side, just to the right of the guy (Rudy Arroyo) sitting down on his laptop!


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