Reminder: First NSCoder Night Tomorrow

Just a reminder that Tuesday (tomorrow night) is the very first NSCoder Night. We'll be at Orchard Valley Coffee from 7pm to 9pm every week. This is a great chance to get help with Leopard API, Xcode 3, and Interface Builder 3. There's no presentation, just informal collaboration.

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NSCoder Night — Episode 0
Tuesday Oct 30, 7pm - 9pm
Orchard Valley Coffee, Downtown Campbell

You don't need to be a CocoaHeads regular or even a Cocoa programmer to attend. There are no reservations necessary, you can just drop by. If you'd like more background on NSCoder Night, you can check out the original post from last week.

There's already interest in NSCoder Night chapters in Washington DC, St. Louis Missouri, and even Köln Germany. Check out the site for more details on these locations or information on how start your own local chapter.

Thanks again to Chris Hanson for getting this started.
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Reminder: First NSCoder Night Tomorrow
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