What's New in Cocoa: CocoaHeads Wrap-Up

Deric Horn gave a fantastic presentation on the new additions for Cocoa in Leopard last Thursday night. This was met by our largest attendance yet. Steve Weller of BagelTurf recorded the audio and Josh Anon got some great shots.

CocoaHeads 2
Deric Horn
(photo: Josh Anon)

Deric's talk was a high-level overview of several dozen features in about half an hour, followed by a Q&A session.

CocoaHeads 3
Deric Horn
(photo: Josh Anon)

CocoaHeads 4
Deric Horn + Everyone    
(photo: Josh Anon)

CocoaHeads 1
Me, talking about NSCoder Night
(photo: Josh Anon)

Malcolm Crawford was also on hand to share some tips on garbage collection with CoreFoundation.

The audio from the talk is available under "Downloads" on the CocoaHeads Silicon Valley page. The same section has audio and slides from last month's Google Data API talk from Greg Robbins and David Phillip Oster.

Big thanks to Deric for putting together a great presentation.

Big thanks also to Josh Anon for getting us some real photos, even in some very difficult lighting. Josh has some absolutely stunning work in his gallery — and I don't often use the word "stunning". He also has articles on the O'Reilly Inside Aperture site, the most recent of which shares strategies for backing up data in Aperture.

We hope to see all of you tomorrow night from 7pm to 9pm at Campbell's Orchard Valley Coffee for NSCoder Night.
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What's New in Cocoa: CocoaHeads Wrap-Up
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cesar — Nov 13, 07 5059

a cool feature is to switch to full screen mode and back, the best part is that is handle by the appkit framework

Scott Stevenson — Nov 16, 07 5061 Scotty the Leopard


mandaris — Nov 16, 07 5062

Where can we get the code or the slides for this presentation?


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