Questions and Demos from CocoaHeads MacFUSE

As a complement to the MacFUSE CocoaHeads talk, Joar Wingfors posted video for the Q&A and demos which followed the main talk. Two of the three projects demoed are now available for download.

2:05 - Demo of RuntimeFS by Bill Bumgarner

6:29 - Demo of audio processing app by Peter

11:38 - Demo of AccessibilityFS by Dave MacLachlan

My favorite moment is at 6:15 when Amit Singh tells Bill Bumgarner "[RuntimeFS] is crazier than anything I've ever seen."

Followed by Bill saying "My work here is done."
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Questions and Demos from CocoaHeads MacFUSE
Posted Jan 27, 2008 — 10 comments below


Scott — Jan 27, 08 5403

I dare you to try to select the blog post title in Safari. With your mouse.

Scott Stevenson — Jan 27, 08 5404 Scotty the Leopard

@Scott: I dare you to try to select the blog post title in Safari. With your mouse.

Fair enough. I added a block for the title at the end of each story. I'm not sure it will stay in that exact place, but I'll make sure there's something.

Vasi — Jan 28, 08 5405

@Scott: Have you tried triple-clicking the title?

Julian Fricker — Jan 28, 08 5406

I would really like to download these cocoaheads google videos to watch on my iPod touch but it looks like the download option is disabled. Is it just me having a problem or are we really not allowed to download them? If so, why?

Step — Jan 28, 08 5407

I was so excited to see this page (since I'm not in the area and can't attend any of your meetings). Then I saw the list of demos - and realized the video of the second one is the one I'm dying to see. Figures. :D

Thanks for putting this stuff up, though. As someone very new to Cocoa (and somewhat new to OS X still) I really appreciate and enjoy all the helpful content you put up.

Step — Jan 28, 08 5408

Doh - maybe I should look a little closer before posting. I see the video is up for (I presume) all 3 app demos, and it is only the source code that is not posted for the audio app. Also, no way to edit comments.

Any idea if the audio processing source code will be posted later?

j o a r — Jan 28, 08 5409

Julian: We marked all uploaded CocoaHeads videos as "allowed to be downloaded", but the download button still doesn't show up. I have no idea why that is, but my guess would be that they have a max size for downloads, and that our video files just happens to be too large.
There are several Mac apps that claims to be able to download flash based video to your computer. I haven't tried this myself, but it's probably worth a try. Search MacUpdate / Versiontracker for "YouTube" to find them.

Scott Stevenson — Jan 28, 08 5410 Scotty the Leopard

@Step: Any idea if the audio processing source code will be posted later?

I think Peter said it would be posted, but I haven't seen anything from him yet.

Chris L — Jan 29, 08 5411

This is only 20 minutes - I've downloaded 60+ minute videos in Google's 'tech talk' series. But the audio was always out of sync. They only post them on YouTube now. Blech

Step — Jan 29, 08 5412

Thanks Scott. I'll keep my eyes open for it.


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