More Options for CocoaHeads Videos

A few things about CocoaHeads videos. First, many of the talks are now available from the CocoaHeads Viddler account. We've been thrilled with Viddler — most importantly because of the fantastic quality. In addition, Fraser Hess has seeded two new video torrents.

The first is the UI Design Essentials talk (torrent). The other is a never-before-released full HD version of the Best of Both Worlds / Intro to Cocoa talk (torrent), which weighs in at a hefty 2.6GB. It's big, but the quality is great.

Our goal is to get all of the videos up on Viddler, and ideally have them all out on BitTorrent as well. Big thanks to Colin Devroe, the Technology Evangelist for Viddler for helping us out, and Fraser Hess for putting the torrents together.

Also note that Viddler should allow you to download the original video files if you can't get them via BitTorrent for some reason. To do so, just click the "Download This" button under the video. As far as I know, the download available from Viddler for the Best of Both Worlds / Intro to Cocoa talk is the medium size, not the full HD 2.6GB version.
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More Options for CocoaHeads Videos
Posted Jun 30, 2008 — 8 comments below


Robert McGovern — Jun 30, 08 6124

I am also helping pre share this after contacting Fraser. One from home, the other from my slice at Slicehost.

Tornique Tvalavadze — Jul 01, 08 6130

Thanks a lot for torrent files, I think it much better for us, who are out of US.

Richard Chuo — Jul 04, 08 6144

Thanks for torrent files. However, the links of the torrent files for the two talks were misplaced. The torrent file links should be switched over.

Scott Stevenson — Jul 04, 08 6145 Scotty the Leopard

@Richard Chuo: The torrent file links should be switched over.

Fraser mentioned this to me before and I forgot to fix it. Thanks for reminding me. It's all good now.

hendrik — Jul 09, 08 6148

I liked your talk on UI design fundamentals.

Next time make sure to do your talks in a properly designed auditorium, though. That thing you were in breaks a lot design rules ;-)

Joe — Jul 10, 08 6149

Hi guys,

any chance you could post these on iTunes ??

my company has prohibited torrenting and Viddler doesn't have a (obvious) download option - I travel a lot with my iPod!

cheers and keep up the good work.


Scott Stevenson — Jul 11, 08 6153 Scotty the Leopard

@Joe: Viddler doesn't have a (obvious) download option

There's a "download this" icon under each video. It looks like a hard disk.

Joe — Jul 11, 08 6154

Scott thanks for pointing out the download link - much appreciated!
Now I can learn on the move ;)

keep up the good work guys.



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