CocoaHeads: Video for Core Animation Intro

The video from the First Look at Core Animation CocoaHeads talk for Feb 7 is now available as part 1 and part 2 on Google Video. Slides and projects are available for download as well.

Part 1 is the main presentation, including an introduction to basic Core Animation concepts, such as layers. The slides are available here (PDF).

First Look at Core Animation: 1 of 2

In Part 2 Lucas Newman demos several apps including Wallball, and talks about some of the details of the animation engine. Following that, I demo a few apps including ArtGallery 1.0.1.

First Look at Core Animation: 2 of 2

First Look at Core Animation - Slides
Slides Used in Presentation

Both Lucas and I have some projects that we demoed which aren't available for download right now. For me, it's because there's a difference between code that's ready to demo, and code that's ready to distribute. I think you guys and gals would probably like everything that was demoed, so we'll see if we can make that happen.

CocoaHeads Core Animation Thumbnail 1

CocoaHeads Core Animation Thumbnail 2

If you like a lot of pixels, Stephen Zyszkiewicz uploaded the talk in HD format, at a total of about 695MB. We don't really know what the demand is like for this, but it should support several thousand total downloads. Stephen really pushed for this. I wasn't sure it was worth the size, but it really did come out nice — you can easily see the slides on-screen.

(For what it's worth, I don't think my explanation of NSResponder pointed out that the class is about much more than just the responder chain.)


You see me when the video first starts, but this is very much a team effort. Thanks to Lucas for showing up with fancy demos and additional explanations. I mentioned this in the talk, but Lucas spent time with Core Animation before I did, so I picked up a lot of tricks from him.

Michael Jurewitz — Apple's Developer Tools Evangelist — went above and beyond to make sure we got a room set up and ready to go, even driving back to campus at the last minute to save the day. Huge thanks to Michael.

Also, thanks to Joar Wingfors for tracking down video equipment for us and Stephen Zyszkiewicz for recording the video, processing all of it and posting it in record time — along with all of the other stuff he does for CocoaHeads.

A special thank-you to Erin K. For pointing out NSSpeechRecognizer to me.

Also check out the CocoaHeads site to subscribe to the calendar, mailing list and to look for (or start) other chapters.

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CocoaHeads: Video for Core Animation Intro
Posted Feb 13, 2008 — 28 comments below


Thomas — Feb 13, 08 5476

Thanks for the HD format versions. Your effort is appreciated very much.
Best regards from Germany.

Pete Callaway — Feb 13, 08 5477

Thanks for the extra effort to get these available to those of us who can't make the trans-Atlantic trip.

Really appreciate it.


Chris Ryland — Feb 13, 08 5478

Double-thanks for the HD versions! Please keep it up.

victor — Feb 13, 08 5479

Thanks for the videos. Would it be possible to check the flag in google video for allowing it to be downloaded to the iPod?

I know I won't be able to discern too much, but the commutes really are the only times I have available to watch them.

cheers, Victor

Adhamh Findlay — Feb 13, 08 5480

Seconded. I would like to be able to watch and listen to these on my iPhone....

j o a r — Feb 13, 08 5481

We have not restricted what you can do with these videos in any way. My guess is that Google doesn't provide all type of actions (in this case, various types of download) for video files this large.

Jonathan Dann — Feb 13, 08 5482


You all are complete legends! Can we be really awkward and ask if you could keep it up! ;)



Thomas Alvarez — Feb 13, 08 5483

This is super awesome!

I downloaded the HD versions of the videos and started watching the presentation yesterday. Very excellent video quality. I love how I can read the slides, so it's like I'm almost there.

Great job! Thanks everyone.

Lunohodov — Feb 13, 08 5484

Thank you! There are so many cocoa developers who do not have local CocoaHeads chapters (not enough or just too lazy to form one). Anyway... it will be great if you take videos from the CocoaHeads meetings and share them with the rest of us. Something like the Google Tech Talk

Regards from Vienna, Austria :)

Phil — Feb 13, 08 5485

Thanks for the HD videos... much more useable than the online player. Hopefully you'll do the same for future topics of interest.

Also, for those who wanted to download the videos to their iPods: you can download the HD version and use something like QuickTime Pro or iSquint to transcode it.

Marco Masser — Feb 14, 08 5491

Thank you very much for the videos, much appreciated.

Another greeting from Vienna, Austria!

Michael Gorbach — Feb 14, 08 5492

Thanks for the talk in HD. So much better than Google Video!

Jonathan Dann — Feb 15, 08 5495

Hi Scott,

Thanks for putting the Art Gallery up a while ago, any chance your other example code you used in the talk could go up, too?



Paul G — Feb 16, 08 5505

I agree with Jonathan - any chance you could post the sample code? I'm particularly interested in the demo with the floating clouds



Scott Stevenson — Feb 16, 08 5506 Scotty the Leopard

@Paul G: I'm particularly interested in the demo with the floating clouds

I didn't realize there was so much interest in that. There are some other things I want to get to first, but it's a small project so it shouldn't be too much work to clean up.

Mic Pringle — Feb 17, 08 5514

Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting the videos, it's really appreciated !

I think it would be great for the code examples to be posted, although unlike Paul G, I'm particularly interested in the Exploding iTunes example ??



Martin — Feb 17, 08 5523

Many thanks for the HD videos, I hope you will continue with this format, may be they can be hosted via bit torrent if bandwidth demands get to high?

Scott Stevenson — Feb 17, 08 5524 Scotty the Leopard

@Martin: I hope you will continue with this format, may be they can be hosted via bit torrent if bandwidth demands get to high

That's fine with me personally, though I'm not sure who technically owns the video. Might be Stephen. We can look into it, and there are other options if one hosted located gets too flooded.

Matt — Feb 23, 08 5557


I noticed the first project Lucas demoed seemed to have no backing window. Is there some special magic to this or is there a pretty simple way that you know of to show or at least give the illusion of a CA layer with no backing window or apparent boundaries? I'm wanting to animate beyond the boundaries of my containing view.



Lucas Newman — Feb 23, 08 5559

Matt, I just used an NSWindow created with the style mask NSBorderlessWindowMask and set to be non-opaque. In my example, it took up about a third of the screen.

Matthieu Cormier — Feb 25, 08 5569

Thanks for posting these videos.

Matt — Feb 25, 08 5572

Thanks Lucas. That's great!!


Jens — Feb 26, 08 5573

Perhaps is an alternative for google video. They stream HD video with the new flash 9 player in h.264.

Scott Stevenson — Feb 26, 08 5574 Scotty the Leopard

@Jens: Perhaps is an alternative for google video

Genau. I said the same thing to our group when I saw Rentzsch's C4 footage go up. I hope we'll use it next time, we just already had the Google Video thing set up. I really like the bookmarks feature for Vimeo too.

Scott Stevenson — Feb 26, 08 5575 Scotty the Leopard

Okay, so I just realized I said Vimeo but meant Viddler. Is there a good reason for Vimeo? The quality on Viddler seems pretty good and it has bookmarks.

twobyte — Feb 27, 08 5582

It would be great if Lucas Newman could post that project with OpenGL hosting CA layer tree with red rotating square, which he demoed there, if it's possible at all. Thank you!

harrisg — Jan 05, 09 6586

Perhaps I've missed it somewhere, but any chance we could get the code for the sample projects? :)

Thanks for all the hard work on these lessons!

Scott Stevenson — Jan 08, 09 6588 Scotty the Leopard

@harrisg: Perhaps I've missed it somewhere, but any chance we could get the code for the sample projects?

As far as I remember, they're not up anywhere. It often takes at least as much time to prep code for release as it does to make it work in the first place.


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