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Today is Jan 17, 2019
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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When I read Adobe's new Soundbooth app would only run on Intel-based Macs, I wondered the same thing as everyone else: why? John Nack, Photoshop's product manager, goes through the reasoning on his blog, but it presents more questions to me than answers
As I started dozing off last night watching a show on my iMac, it hit me what an amazing machine this is. On one box, I have music, movies, a place to do work, a way to compose music, a way to connect with friends on the other side of the planet. This gave me a flashback to about ten years ago
This whole Wii thing has been bouncing around in my head for weeks. There's some common thread between it, the Nintendo DS, the iPod and even Mac OS X. Is it less technology? Is it simpler technology? Is is overall experience? Then, of all publications, The Economist hit the nail right on the head
Andy Finnel posted some ideas for Objective-C features beyond those slated for Leopard. One of them is adding methods at runtime. It turns out this has been possible in Mac OS X since day one, it's just not obvious how to do so
Daniel Jalkut wrote up a little bit on the Mac world's slow but steady drift away from the human interface guidelines. I guess it never really bothered me that Apple started bending and breaking the rules. After all it's their set of rules
John Siracusa's latest blog post talks about the Wii hardware. The short version is he's worried the Wii won't give him as many crazy-looking graphics as the PS3 and Xbox 360
I need to do these more often. Apparently link blogs aren't easy to pull off if you're not John Gruber, so this format will stay for now. This time, though, I'm categorizing with Mac and Cocoa up first
Another step in revamping Cocoa Dev Central. The C Language Tutorial for Cocoa has been completely stripped down, streamlined, redesigned and rewritten. The look is in inline with the new home page, but that's just the beginning
That's maybe the single biggest bit of news from Apple's fourth quarter results for 2006. And it's not just that this is the best Mac quarter ever, it's the best by a wide margin
After a bit of a break I'm taking a look at Rails again for web development. The idea is that I'm going to develop locally using Locomotive, then deploy to the Xserve. My question this: what's the current and correct way to install Rails on Tiger?
Thanks to Google Analytics, I have some idea of who you guys are and what you're doing when you come to the site. Google's tool goes into a crazy amount of detail, but there are a few stats that people might find interesting
The Unofficial Apple Weblog asks why Mac OS X doesn't have portable applications. That is, applications that can be carried around, complete with the user's preferences, on a USB thumb drive. It's possible for developers to do this, it just opens up a can of worms
There's a new Cocoa Dev Central design up. Here's a quick rundown of what the design goals were, how the content is different. First, a screenshot
There was a comment recently that suggested two off-topic posts in a few weeks is too much. First, let me make it clear that I know which things I post are "normal" and which are not. The overwhleming majority of material here is inline with the topics listed on the about page
Maybe you've heard of the book or movie (or idea), Pay It Forward. Sunday afternoon, I got an unexpected favor out of nowhere. I asked her "just because?" She said
Oct 09 — 10
So I just couldn't let this go unanswered. If you don't know what's going on here, you're looking at the profile selection screen in Brain Age for Nintendo DS
In "Some Assembly Required" (a lot of layers to that title) John Gruber responds to Wil Shipley's article about the fact that Apple is still publishing procedural frameworks. The short version is that Shipley doesn't like this and Gruber says it's not all as bad as Shipley makes it sound
Oct 05 — 18
If you look at the box for one of the new iMacs, you'll see that the time displayed in the title bar is 10:43am. It's the same for the MacBook Pro boxes. The new Mac flip book ad in Wired also has the time as 10:43am in the iMac screenshots
Oct 05 — 3
Let's hear it for Google Code Search. That's right, Google-powered search for public source code. Two things really make this for me
It hit me that I really don't use my TV at all anymore. Some of this started about six months ago when I lost interest in most things on television in general. It wasn't even an issue of braving cold turkey, I just lost interest
Brad Choate talks about some good reasons to not buy video content from iTunes, even though he himself has bought them. There's nothing he says that's really untrue, but there is one good reason to buy movies from iTunes
Daring Fireball notes that Microsoft is creating a "points" system to purchase Zune content. That is, instead of buying a song for 99 cents like you do with iTunes, you'll buy a song for 79 points
One of the more bizarre moments of my life was having a production crew for CNN setup camp in my mom's house. Originally, I was going to be interviewed as a support for another company, but they were in their pre-IPO quiet period. They decided to interview me and my co-worker about our web development startup instead
Sep 26 — 39
Sometimes things happens in life that rush to the front of your consciousness, making everything else seems trivial. It might be a birth, a death, or meeting somebody really special. It's humbling to have your priorities reset and become fully vulnerable
I've had some people ask how all the different graphics frameworks in Mac OS X fit together from the perspective of a Cocoa programmer. I'm not quite the expert on all of this, but I think I can help clear up a few things

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