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Today is Dec 18, 2018
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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Any framework on any platform is going to have some rough edges. One issue you can run into with Cocoa is that the objects in your nib file may not all load in the order you want them to...
Sep 15 — 21
Simply the best consumer computer Apple has ever made. From what I've seen, I don't think you can go wrong with this machine. It's the purest expression of the Mac mindset. If you need more details, read on...
Sep 14 — 4
This is a very short review. The DS Lite has been covered in ridiculous detail on other sites, I just wanted to share the personal experience of upgrading from a first-gen DS to a Lite
Sep 14 — 9
All talk about the new interface in iTunes 7 aside, we can now download full length movies from the iTunes Store. So now what? I spent some time looking around and talking to Josh about it, and here are the two points I came up with
A bunch of people have asked me what sort of Mac app they should write. The most fundamental decision you have to make is whether you're in it to make money, in it for the fun of it, or in it to help people
Some have asked why Apple bothered to announce new iMacs and Mac minis before the September 12 "Showtime" event which will most likely revolve around movie sales at the iTunes store. I think that Apple realizes that most major mainstream publications will choose one product to focus on
It turns out Secret Ingredient generated a lot of feedback. There were a smattering of comments about Mac OS X versus Windows, but I didn't really have any interest in going down that road. The post wasn't about what Microsoft was doing wrong, it was about what Apple is doing right
If you look at what Apple's done over the last few years, there's an almost absurd amount of fresh thinking and major leaps forward. At some points along the timeline, things just seem to magically click together at the right places. I'm not the only one who's spent some time thinking about
Sep 01 — 7
So we have all sorts of improvements. First and foremost, I added direct comment URLs, so anyone can link to things like this. The link is easy enough to find, just click on the little number to the right of any comment. There's also finally a comment feed
I've only played the first several levels of StarFox Command for Nintendo DS, but I'm already somewhat addicted. The biggest psychological barrier to get past is playing a flight combat game with a stylus. For the first several minutes it does feel pretty strange, but it's amazing how quickly things feel right
Aug 29 — 32
Matt Neuburg comes down pretty hard on WWDC 2006. The title is misleading. He's not commenting on the information from the conference, but the side shows like food, paraphernalia and so on. I think it's too harsh
Josh Anon (and Ellen Anon) have put together what is perhaps the finest book ever written: Aperture Exposed. It's even better if you use Aperture and want something that covers the more advanced bits. Josh has taken a pretty picture or two, so he knows what he's writing about
Aug 17 — 10
Hadley Stern thinks that .Mac should be revamped. He makes some good points, but I don't think the changes would play out exactly as he envisions (I could be wrong, of course). The .Mac services are designed to be connected to Mac OS X and there are no ads. Yes, Gmail is free, but Apple isn't out to beat Gmail, at least not directly
So I know I'm a bit late on this, but I want to complete the series. On Thursday I went to a session about the Mac OS X Installer and one on refactoring with Xcode. This page talks about refactoring very briefly, mentioning the fact that Interface Builder can participate in the process
Sigh. Well, I guess the humor was a bit too dry in this post. It was intended as a goofy little commentary on something that we are all aware of: for whatever reason, women tend to be scarce at technical conferences. I didn't realize quite how emotional this issue is
There's a Wired author that came down pretty hard on the Leopard presentation at the keynote. I think it's completely unwarranted. I've seen this pattern at least three times in a row. Somebody complains that the OS doesn't look interesting, more stuff is shown at the sessions, and eventually it's clear there's much more than meets the eye
Today I went to a couple of Core Data sessions, a more advanced Core Animation session, a Cocoa controls presentation, and a introduction to the new Interface Builder. I'm more impressed by Core Animation each time I see a session, and new IB looks and works much better than the earlier versions. It's exciting stuff
Maybe this is a naive question, but doesn't anyone notice there is a real shortage of women at WWDC? I don't mean it's "not that many." It means it's close to none. Don't laugh, this is serious business
Tuesdays usually have a number of overview sessions for new and updated APIs. I went to a session on Core Animation, and just to repeat myself, this is a very cool framework. I think it will be a bigger deal than Core Data was for Tiger. I also went to a session on Objective-C and one on Core Data
Monday was focused on the keynote and the "state of the union" presentations. Like most people, I went to the Mac OS X, Development Tools and Graphics state of the unions. The night ended with a reception in the main hall
We now know that this is the biggest WWDC yet. The big announcements are the new Mac Pro, the new Xserve and Leopard. All attendees get a Leopard Preview DVD, and many of them are installing it right now
So here I am, sitting on the ground of level two of Moscone West. It's 8:30am and we're all just waiting for the keynote. Not much to talk about just yet. There are a lot of people here. Based on the way they're wrapping the line around the second floor
Sitting in level one of Moscone West right now. Came down today to register, get the schedule and so on. The schedule sort of has this swiss cheese thing going on. There are a lot of unannounced sessions. My guess is everyone is going to rearrange their agenda after those get filled in
Aug 05 — 4
Doodim darkens background applications (and the desktop) to make it easier to focus on the foreground app. Shiira 2.0 is a new version of the WebKit-based browser that does all sorts of fancy stuff
I don't think I really do normal reviews. Unless there's a glaring issue, I tend to focus on the positives more than the negatives. In any case, here's what I like about the Sidekick 3. If you're a Mac user, this is probably your phone

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