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Today is Jan 17, 2019
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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Framing Design Element
Some people are blogging about what they're thankful for, often things like family members and prosperity. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving itself, which gives us a socially-acceptable space to step back from all the day-to-day craziness and competition and be kind to each other for no reason at all. We need more days each year like this
I hope I beat everyone else to the punchline (see here for reference). This post made possible by categories, the AddressBook framework, and RSS feeds
All technology issues aside, I like the contrast between the Zune ads and the brand new iPod Shuffle ads. On the surface, you have some similar elements: young people in designers clothes against indie-ish music. A bit deeper down, differences are striking
It's sure a nice problem to have. Too many Mac developers trying out too many unconventional ideas because the barrier to entry has been lowered and the platform is so attractive. An application which uses particle effects for no other reason than fun? The nerve
Many new Cocoa programmers are surprised to find that Core Data won't automatically change the structure of a SQLite database when the Managed Object Model changes. They expect Core Data can just generate the necessary "alter table" commands and go. In reality, it's a tricky thing to tackle
I realize that Core Image makes working with programmable GPUs drastically easier than it would be otherwise, but some things about it aren't so obvious. Most importantly, how do you get a CIImage from an NSImage? I thought this would be easy, but there are a few gotchas
Completion Dictionary from Objective Development (found via Daring Fireball) provides Xcode with behavior somewhat similar to TextMate's snippets. It's very nicely done, but I'd need to spend more time with it before I could really weigh it relative to TextMate
Nov 10 — 2
I just noticed that Transmit will connect to your iDisk volume without any configuration at all. Transmit seems to be able to negotiate the connection more quickly than the Finder, but that's not the most important point
My goal last night was to fill the room, and we did that. Next time, I want to get so many people in there that we have to move to a new location. Almost everyone was a new face, so I think we really got the word out about CocoaHeads this time
Marc Charbonneau mentioned an upcoming feature for C# which allows you to filter an array using an arbitrary expression. It turns out you can already do something very similar using NSArray and NSPredicate
Just to sum up and get one last call out, here are the details about tonight's CocoaHeads meeting, where I'll be talking about using TextMate for Cocoa development
Nov 09 — 14
Daring Fireball notes Tim Bray's extreme satisfaction with Keynote. Normally I'd silently nod with approval, but I was coincidentally in the middle of preparing slides, thinking the exact same thing
So, it happened, and perhaps not everyone noticed. With the exception of the entry-level Mac mini, Apple has transitioned its entire line of Macs to dual-core 64-bit chips. Anybody who wanders into an Apple Store in the mall can accidentally walk out with a bondafide unix workstation
Maybe just saying "hey, show up" isn't quite enough to get you to CocoaHeads, so I'm sweetening the deal. I'm going to give a short talk on using TextMate for Cocoa projects. Thursday, November 9 at 7:30pm. Apple Building 1. (Update: another reason to come...)
Microsoft today announced that Xbox Live will provide movies and TV shows for download. Predictably, this is being compared to the iTunes store, but that's just because of the mechanism. For the moment though, the experience for the consumer looks like a streamlined pay-per-view
I don't know for sure that this sort of thing is more prevalent in Silicon Valley, but it probably is. This photo is from a home in Sunnyvale on Halloween
If you write Mac software (or want to) and live within driving distance of Apple, you should pay a visit on Thursday evening at 7:30pm. The CocoaHeads group takes over one of the rooms in Building 1 and we do Cocoa stuff
MacTalk is running a portion of the Build a Core Data App tutorial in their October issue. This is a brand new Mac magazine being distributed around Australia
At the end of of 1999, I was asked to redesign the MacNN identity. All new logo, site design and business cards. At the time, most Mac sites looked the same and tended to use default browser colors and fonts. I wanted MacNN to be different
I don't know how many find themselves in the the situation of working on a single project that involves HTML, CSS and Objective-C, but I do. I feel it's worth pointing out how TextMate is invaluable for this sort of thing
It's an all-Cocoa episode of Odds and Ends, chopped, diced and sliced for your pleasure
Yes, friends, the time is finally upon us. A brand-new Cocoa graphics tutorial (Quartz) at Cocoa Dev Central. This is a beginner-level tutorial which doesn't assume prior graphics programming experience
In order to better serve our customers, we've divided up the Theocacao web site into a series of different products with thought-provoking names. Reading a web site has never been so easy! Can you guess which one you is for you?
There's a lot to like about TextMate build 1310. There's the Halloween-themed icon, for example, as well as the spider web content background. But the real news is that the Objective-C bundle now autocompletes built-in Cocoa methods, addressing one of the few obvious advantages Xcode's editor had over TextMate
I found this story at Digg, which suggests that the PlayStation 3 will consume 380 watts of power when active. That's just the box itself, not the TV or stereo system it may be hooked up to. Sure sounds like a lot, doesn't it? It is

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