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Today is Jan 17, 2019
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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Is it April first? You'd sure think so the way John Dvorak is writing. In the most unbelievably unbelievable story from a wintel columnist in some time, John claims that Apple (yes, Apple) will dump Mac OS X for Windows. Okay, now, I see you're doing that thing where you laugh so hard that no sound comes out. Breathe and read on
Theocacao has entered the 21st century and now has an "Earlier Chapters" link at the bottom of the home page so you can peruse the rich tapestry in which gems such as "Snood" and "Shark Tale iPod" are woven. No, seriously, there is some good stuff in there.
So I'm sitting here wrestling with some fairly complex Core Data stuff, feeling a little frustrated that there's no simple answer. Then I think about all the poor folks not developing on Cocoa, that are working hard just to get their buttons to redraw correctly and their views populated with data
In ZDNet blog post, George Ou compares the cost and specs of a MacBook Pro to a Dell E1705. Both are based on the Intel Core Duo. Unfortunately, the comparison is muddled a bit by a $650 coupon. He says these are common but I don't know Dell well enough to say
The time has come for a Cocoa Dev Central redesign. It's a very "back-to-basics" look. In other words, it's all about easy access to content. I originally set out to do something a bit more radical, but this is what we have for now. The next one around will probably look at lot different
A particularly curmudgeony opinion piece by Tony Long revisits the Leander Kahney article from last week. For those that are just tuning in, both authors write for Wired. Kahney's article suggested that Bill Gates deserved more admiration than Steve Jobs because Gates gives large amounts of money away publicly. The short and simple summary of what I wrote last week is that the
Lightbox Software has released Aperture2iLife, which is a huge timesaver for Aperture users. The gist is that you launch the app and select an Aperture project that you'd like to use in iLife and iWork applications. Click Start and you're off to the races
So I must be out of the loop with all of this Vista stuff. When I wasn't looking, Microsoft apparently constructed an entire site filled to the brim with transparency, Aqua sensibilities and colors, reflections and Myriad as far as the eye can see. More generally, it also looks like Microsoft has taken to using Myriad on the
In a somewhat bizarre article, Wired's Leander Kahney is confused by the fact that Steve Jobs receives more cultural admiration than Bill Gates considering Gates gives away lots and lots of money. He's just thinking too hard about it. Listen, it's not exactly rocket science. In the grand scheme of things
It's time to take care of a few things that don't really need individual posts. First up, Disney Japan has a trailer for Cars with different shots, more characters and different music than its U.S. counterpart. It's not very long, but the movie itself is still a ways off. Unless, of course, you're actually working on the movie
Jan 24 — 0
It's hard to ignore the parallels between the Next/Apple merger and the Pixar/Disney deal. In the same way that the influx of Next leadership gave Apple a breath of fresh air and a new direction, Pixar just might end up resurrecting Disney as a place of brilliance
The most recent Daring Fireball post brought a little grin to my face. Of all the people that pick up a keyboard and type out their thoughts about about the Mac landscape, John's easily one of the sharpest. So if I'm going to be taken down a peg, might as well be by him. In this post, John recaps the MWSF2006 announcements
Jan 17 — 16
So I played around with iWeb a bit and I'm pretty impressed. Not only is the thing very capable for a consumer tool, it's a lot farther along than it I would have thought for a 1.0. The layout tools are surprisingly flexible and have some controls in common with Pages and Keynote. I published a photo gallery
I think there's a basic misperception about iTunes DRM. It's easy to browse Slashdot and find comments that suggest that it's somehow Apple's fault that music purchased from iTunes has copy protection. This wisdom in a string also says Apple "doesn't get it" and music should be
What can you say about Microsoft's decision to stop working on the Windows Media Player for the Mac? On one hand, it's a good thing because it doesn't act like a Mac app. In this sense, it's actually a better strategy to take the plug-in approach that they've opted
Jan 16 — 1
I've been "away from the desk" for about three weeks, but I did manage to make it up to Macworld on Tuesday. The Apple area was certainly the highlight of the show for most people, but I really enjoyed seeing a DataCrux-based app get so much attention. Even in the shadow of some giant booths, John Fox's MemoryMiner ended up getting a lot of foot traffic -- so much so that I had to
I helped my Mom get a new iBook along with an AirPort Express router on Thursday. Setup of the thing was ridiculously easy, taking maybe three minutes. So what did I do when I wanted a router for myself today? Did I go out and buy a AirPort Express? Nah, that would be too easy...
John Fox is unveiling his DataCrux-based app, MemoryMiner at Macworld (Booth 113). This is a pretty big deal because John took the base of what I wrote and added all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. Here's a description of MemoryMiner
I was trying to come up with a small gift to give you guys and gals for the holidays, so I dug through a bunch of folders and found a command line-based tool I quickly put together some time ago called abtool. It looks contacts up in the
Cocoa is really a combination of classes from more than one framework. Classically speaking, it's the combination of the Foundation and AppKit frameworks. That's how it was in the NeXT days, and is maybe is even the way it's still described in the official docs. From a functional perspective, though, there's more
In this Boston Herald article, Brett Arends says that Apple should buy Palm. On the surface, there are some similarities between the companies, but my gut says that the two just wouldn't mix well. In any case, there are some things
Dec 22 — 0
I've been taking Caltrain down to the city quite a bit recently and tonight found myself on one of the new train models. I'm not sure how long these have been around, but the difference from the older models is immense. It has
Here's a quick and dirty technique for checking the current status of the network connection. This example will only work in Tiger and up, and doesn't use the interactive network troubleshooting UI
Dec 13 — 7
This is very troubling. I love but I very rarely like anything that Yahoo comes up with. They just don't get user experience. Flickr still seems to be intact, but big companies like Yahoo have a way of wreaking
Somebody recently asked me how many palindromes there are between 1 and 10,000. Just for fun, here's a Ruby script to find the answer

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