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Today is Dec 18, 2018
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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Jason Harris and a dozen Cocoa programmers threw together a last-minute IronCode-style contest with the winner getting to donate the proceedes to a particular charity. The results are in, and here are a few highlights
It turns out that finding a Nintendo Wii is not easy, even one month after the launch. So in a situation like this, I ask myself "what are my resources?" Suddenly, an answer presented itself
When Cocoa Blogs launched, there was precisely one person on the planet that didn't immediately email me asking about an RSS feed, and that's just because he was busy blogging about MacHeist at the time. A feed has obvious value, but it's a bit more complicated than it may seem. Update: Added some info on pricing
Dec 16 — 22
It's been interesting tracking all the MacHeist-related activity on Cocoa Blogs. There are some very passionate people writing Mac software, and I'm not sure we'd see anything like this on the Windows side
Dec 16 — 1
Daring Fireball pointed out that Bruce Fraser, an author and lecturer on digital imaging, is seriously ill. To be honest, I'm not familar with Bruce's work, but it sounds like he really knows his stuff. One of the comments on the page caught my eye
Dan Wood talked about the development of Sandvox last night at CocoaHeads, and went into a significant amount of detail. Even though I was involved in the development of Sandvox at varying levels over time, a lot of the things he had to say about the design decisions was really interesting
I know everyone who's reading this and is within driving distance of Apple is coming to CocoaHeads tonight. Why? Because you want to talk to other people who write Mac OS X software. You're also coming because you want to hear about the development of Sandvox, and possibly win a free copy
There's a fairly good chunk of data to look at with Cocoa Blogs and Cocoa Dev Central, and the results are somewhat surprising. Not only are there are a disproportionate number of Windows users, but it gives some insight into the Intel versus PowerPC distribution on the Mac side
I almost completely forgot about this until Michael McCracken mentioned it, but one of the most significant bits about Leopard for developers (and aspiring developers) are the improvements to scripting support
Colin Wheeler asks if Apple has a large-scale strategy for Cocoa. That is, he wonders if they just figure it out as they go or if there are plans for future releases. A bit of both, I think
Dec 11 — 30
I'm very happy to announce Cocoa Blogs, a brand new site designed to track the goings-on in the Cocoa developer community. This is an expansion of the blog listings on the Cocoa Dev Central home page
I have a small CRUD-based web application to put together. I'd like to start it off with a simple lightweight Ruby framework, then maybe graduate it to a full-fledged Rails app. I've found Camping and Merb
The donations for the Cocoa Dev Central are short of where they need to be in order to be self-sustaining. This is an official call to make a donation if you haven't already done so
I asked Dan Wood of Karelia to speak at the CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting next Thursday, December 14. He's going to be talking about development of the not-yet-released Sandvox 1.1 and will be giving away two free copies
I saw this while waiting in line at the grocery. It just sort of speaks to me for some reason
Since Allan is in New Zealand until February (say hi to my sister), I guess it's up to TextMate users to do some blogging on his behalf. The Math bundle is easily overlooked but it's actually incredibly handy
I cancelled my TV service yesterday. It's just a formality, though. I moved the set out a month or two ago and haven't really missed it. For some people, this might not be a big deal, but if you're raised in a household of constant TV, it's a real change
Dec 03 — 11
I went into Toys R Us recently, and wandered into the electronics section. I further wandered over to the Wii section to discover that practically every single box in there was empty. Yup, just boxes of air
This is interesting. I was loading Engadget and Safari suddenly stopped responding to events. Just when I was about ready to force quit I saw this dialog
One post with about two dozen links and superflous explanations. Cocoa's up first
I did a double-take when I saw a page dedicated to the Nintendo Game & Watch device. These were single-game portable devices which also happened to be, you know, watches
The Google Mac blog just posted a short piece on mixing Objective-C Categories with class initialization. The gist is that implementing +initialize with a category leaves you without a call to the super version, and multiple versions don't run in a guaranteed order
The brand new Cocoa Graphics with Quartz II tutorial is now up. The previous tutorial introduced basic concepts like points and rects. The second one explains how to create a custom view, construct paths, and use images. Both are designed to be accessible to everyone, even those who haven't done graphics programming before
I'm pretty sure I've never really gushed about Apple ads. I like the new iPod Shuffle ads, and they do what they set out to do well. But man oh man, I love the holiday-themed Mac ads
The Xcode bundle for TextMate offers some valuable tools, including the ability to import projects, run tests, add files to the current target, and so on. Most importantly, it allows you to compile using the Xcode build system

Follow your bliss.
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