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Today is Jan 17, 2019
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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A few quick tips about Xcode, FileMerge, and creating project archives. They're simple, but invaluable if you happen to need them. Feel free to share your own if you like
Feb 22 — 12
Nintendo's Wii Play is a combo pack of nine mini-games and an extra Wii remote. The games are immediately fun, brilliantly designed, and extremely addictive. Here's a quick roundup
I just added a minor new feature to the site: recent comments. This is basically the same thing as the comment feed, but maybe it will be useful in some situation where an RSS reader isn't handy. Hope you guys and gals like it
I stayed out of the Cocoa language bridging discussion for a few days. I had some initial reactions, but I wanted to make sure they were legit and listen to what people had to say first. The biggest unnamed factor in all of this, I think, is Objective-C 2.0
The newest tutorial at Cocoa Dev Central is called Learn Cocoa: Part II. The first one was very simple by design. This follow-up introduces the idea of writing and compiling code, along with basic object-oriented concepts
The new cutting edge version of TextMate has a number of interesting additions for Objective-C, Ruby and CSS users. To get cutting edge updates, go into Preferences, Software Update, and choose "Watch For: Cutting Edge". Here's a quick look at the relevant changes
I haven't tried it out yet, but Nintendo has introduced an downloadable app called Everyone Votes, which seems at least partially Digg-inspired. There's a number of interesting things about this for user experience and/or Nintendo geeks
Feb 12 — 1
Phil on the macosx-talk list pointed out a PDF document which describes the notes functionality of the iPod in detail. One of these features is the ability to put the iPod into "museum mode," which disables normal navigation and provides custom navigation
The latest episode of Late Night Cocoa was just posted, with me as a guest. The main focus of the interview is the new API coming in Leopard, though we talk a bit about Cocoa Dev Central and Cocoa Blogs as well
Feb 06 — 17
Apple posted a statement today about DRM-protected music. Essentially, it says that they would be happy to sell music with or without DRM. I'm glad to see this. I never understood why columnists would ask Apple for DRM-free music when it's clear the labels are the motivating force
Wincent Colaiuta subtly alludes to the idea that Rails doesn't scale, or really that you need to provide it with a lot of hardware to do so. Now, I really don't have any hard data to say whether this is true or not, but for me it's somewhat beside the point
John Fox will give a presentation on integrating Cocoa with Ruby on Rails web services at CocoaHeads on Thursday February 8 at 7:30pm. John is the author of MemoryMiner, which recently gained web-based services
As with the Wii post, Zelda reviews are not new, and I'm not anywhere near the end of the game, but I wanted to say a few things before things get too far on. Actually, I really only need to say one word: Wow. What a stunner. This game is every inch an epic
There's no GUI interface in Mac OS X Server 10.4 for remotely adding a second IP address to an existing hardware port. Instead, you use the networksetup command line tool. Here's an example
Jan 28 — 18
I've been interested in getting a Wii for a while, but never quite enough to stand outside in the cold for two or three hours. So, thanks to Craigslist, I found someone selling a sealed Costco bundle at a very minor premium. Patience pays off. I'm realize Wii impressions are not breaking news, but it just wouldn't be Theocacao if I didn't talk about new Nintendo stuff
Jan 26 — 33
There are articles floating around which suggest Apple will switch focus entirely to the iPhone if it takes off. The company's name change is suggested as proof. Many people writing these things only came into the Apple universe in the iPod era, so the confusion is understandable. The real deal is that Apple is a company which uses its expertise in computing to make consumer devices
Jan 24 — 7
I've been waiting for a chance to send the guys at The Unofficial Apple Weblog some thanks, but instead I'm just going to say it. TUAW has been incredibly supportive of not just my various meanderings, but independent Mac developers in general
After talking to a number of people recently and reading some blogs, I decided it's time to show some love to the newbies. The newest tutorial at Cocoa Dev Central is simply called Learn Cocoa. Now you're not going to learn Cocoa in a single tutorial, but it's a start
Jan 20 — 34
There's a comment on the post for the first episode of Late Night Cocoa that caught my attention. The comment is basically a request for a roadmap through Mac OS X programming
I'm looking for personal testimony for good dedicated hosting providers. It seems nearly impossible to deduce this from Googling. The requirements are basically hundreds of thousands of page views, 100+ GB of bandwidth per month, 50+ domains, Rails/PHP/MySQL, and a provider that understands what Safari is. Any votes?
Jan 16 — 11
Most of the Cocoa-related items now live on their own site, but there are few worth mentioning here. The rest is Mac stuff which is unrelated to programming and other random fun things
Blake Burris has posted the Cocoa Radio interview he did with me last week during Macworld. We talk about Cocoa, mentoring Mac developers, iPhone development, Dashcode, Sidekick, some of the connections between Cocoa apps and web services, and how to pronounce Theocacao
The last iPhone post talked developer interest in an SDK and distribution system. Some bloggers have gone as far to say that they won't buy an iPhone without third party app support. I don't think this reflects the average consumer
I read a lot of Mac developer blogs. Everyone wants to write applications for the iPhone. Why? First of all, because it's a new device, and developers are nothing if not relentlessly curious about new devices. Also, developers see an opportunity for the iPhone to take Cocoa apps where no Cocoa app has gone before
I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to repeat it. I had a great time at Macworld, but a I never actually stepped inside the actual Expo. I have a badge and everything, I just never made it down there. Instead, I hung out with Cocoa and Mac people

Follow your bliss.
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