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Today is Jan 17, 2019
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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Apr 25 — 23
I saw that Coda was coming out on Monday, and I knew it might take over my morning. I mean, it's a new web development from a developer that knows how to write Mac software. If I started playing around with it, I knew I'd get nothing else done for several hours
In the run-up to WWDC 2007, Apple has added Coding Headstarts to the site. I think this is a fantastic idea, but it's still in the early stages so a bit of explanation may help
I don't think it's unfair to say Panic is one of just a handful of companies that defined the idea of an indie Mac developer. They set out to start a Mac software company at a time when it seemed absolutely insane to do so, and they did it with heart
I'd like to do something to help Deutsch Cocoa developers, but first I need to get a reasonable collection of active German-language Cocoa blogs. If you know of such a blog which is updated with Cocoa content at least once every three weeks, send an email to Cocoa Dev Central. Bitte, write the email in English. Ich spreche nur ein klein wenig Deutsch
R. Tyler Ballance came to CocoaHeads Silicon Valley on Thursday night to give us a look at the Windows side of software development, sharing some insight on not just the tools and frameworks but also the differences in culture for independent developers
Monday is a big day. The Apple II was first introduced to the world on April 16, 1977. For all practical purposes, it was the first personal computer, and it was designed essentially by one person
CocoaHeads will be at 7:30pm at Apple Building 1 tomorrow night, Thursday April 12. R. Tyler Ballance of Bleepsoft will give us a look at how Xcode and Cocoa compare to Visual Studio and .NET. This should be very helpful to Windows developers who are looking to pick up Cocoa
Just a quick reminder that CocoaHeads Silicon Valley will meet at Apple Building 1 at 7:30pm this Thursday. I've been talking to a few people to present, but it seems like it's a busy week for everyone. If necessary, I'll do my best to put together a quickie presentation on some Cocoa-related topic
New Mac Pros are out, which means the discussions have started about whether to upgrade now or wait. Of course, some people hold out for specific hardware features, but others want to buy at the perfect time, which doesn't really exist
Just so you don't kick yourself in about two months, you might want to be aware of a $2499 ADC Premiere Membership which Apple is offering until June 11. That's one thousand dollars off. Of course, even the discounted price isn't pocket change, but it may pay for itself depending on your plans
After Jacob Rus mentioned in a recent comment thread that he couldn't use HTML entities in Theocacao comments, my reaction was "yes, that would be nice, but it's not a priority." Of course, what I meant is that it would take more time than I was willing to spend on it at this point
There are some truly invaluable keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X and related apps that can get lost in the noise. Here a few I found or was reminded about recently
There were a number of changes to the Cocoa Blogs roster over the past ten days or so. Some new blogs came out of nowhere and some existing authors have started to find their rhythm
The API for IronCoder V is the ScreenSaver framework. Those who are playing along at home might want to know that Brian Christensen wrote not just one but two tutorials on this very topic for Cocoa Dev Central (Part 1, Part 2). Good luck
Six years ago today, Mac OS X was unleashed on a relatively unsuspecting public. It's somewhat hard to picture now, but Mac users were very skeptical about a new operating system in 2001, and were particularly concerned that they'd have to learn Unix to use their computer
The Jolt Awards were presented at the SD West conference tonight, for which TextMate was nominated. Allan Odgaard is currently in Japan so he asked me to accept the award in his name, which I was happy to do. This is actually a bigger deal for TextMate than it may seem
A story about WWDC hit the Digg home page today. The comments host a discussion about Mac development, specifically cross-platform versus Mac-specific apps. The thing is Mac users just don't want cross-platform apps
Using transforms with CIImage objects is easier than I thought. Up until recently, I would create a NSAffineTransform and wrap it in an affine transform filter object, pipe the image in and get the result
Apple is now accepting submissions for the 2007 Apple Design Awards. Mentioning my favorites is risky business. I don't want to hurt any feelings. But the thing is, there are a lot of great apps. Some have permanently made life better for Mac users, and others are exceptional in surprising ways
When I link to various items in the Cocoa Blogs site or feed, I like to give proper credit to the writer so readers can associate a name with the work. For some reason, though, tracking down the name can be quite a challenge
We had a fantastic turnout last night at CocoaHeads — the most attendees I can remember seeing there, and certainly the most in the last year. I did a head count at one point and at least a quarter of the people there were first-timers
We have a late addition. In addition to the previously-scheduled Cocoa Bindings Tip and Tricks session tonight at CocoaHeads Silicon Valley, we're also going to get a preview of Core Animation along with a high-level overview of other Leopard additions
The CocoaHeads Silicon Valley topic for this Thursday, March 8th will be Cocoa Bindings Tips and Tricks. I'll bring some of my own material, and I'm also going to see who else I can get to share some tidbits
The newest build of TextMate adds completion-related improvements for Objective-C and PHP. Here's a quick glance at what they are and how to use them
In honor of the first unofficial day of spring, enjoy a random grab bag of both temporary distractions and legitimately useful information. It's up to you to decide which is which

Follow your bliss.
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