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Today is Jan 17, 2019
All of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head. — Peter Gabriel
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Framing Design Element
While in one of the labs at WWDC, I helped someone out with a deceptively tricky bit of code. The gist is this: how do you handle the case of a lazily-loaded property which has Key-Value Observer clients? It may not be clear why this is challenging, so let's take a quick look
Jun 16 — 16
This has been one incredible week. I put a lot of faces to names for the first time, learned about what sort of apps are in development, and found out that there are a lot of newcomers to the platform. The thing I couldn't get over all week long was the sheer number of people there
CocoaHeads Silicon Valley will be meeting at the Apple Store in Downtown SF (Stockton street) tonight from 7pm to 9pm. The topic is "Going Indie", and we have a number of special guests. Daniel Jalkut, Gus Mueller, and Wil Shipley will be presenting, and Brent Simmons will join us for Q&A after
The quality of winning applications this year was truly stunning. The most prominent winners were Delicious Library 2, Coda, CSSEdit, World of Warcraft, and Sandvox. There were diamonds in the rough, as well
Jun 12 — 14
This has been an interesting day. The single biggest difference I notice this year is that there are a lot of new people. A lot. Last year I could look across a room and recognize two or three people. This year, it's a sea of brand new faces
Jun 11 — 16
At long last, the journey has come to an end. The Apple web site has been redesigned, and it's quite slick. The UI is very much inline with the flat, smooth look of Leopard. I can't post a screenshot easily right now, so just take a look.
Somebody asked me today about how to go about creating a Cocoa app which allows Rails-style object-relational mapping. In other words, how do you model a schema in a data store without having to re-model all of it in code? This is exactly what Core Data is designed for
I'm pleased to announce the "Going Indie" CocoaHeads on Wednesday, June 13 at the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco from 7pm to 9pm. This meeting will focus on how aspiring independent Mac developers can convert their passion into a real, functioning business. Because we have visitors from out of town, this meeting features an all-star cast
Jun 05 — 13
I received an email today from a new Cocoa programmer who said he enjoyed the Cocoa Dev Central tutorials, but had a bit of a hard time wrapping his head around the whole thing. He thought this might have something to do with the fact that he's fifteen, but age has nothing to do with it
Pierre Chatelier has translated his Objective-C guide for C++ programmers (628k PDF) into English. It looks and feels very much like K&R, and has quite a lot of useful material. If you have built-up C++ muscle memory and are new to Objective-C, take a look
Jun 03 — 23
With seven days and some twentish hours to go, WWDC 2007 is imminent. Let's take a quick look at what has happened recently and where things stand now
You may remember back in chapter 465, I teased about Delicious Library 2, which sparked some curiosity in the comments. Wil gave permission to mention a few details, and Lucas suggested some reasonable options, so now it's emotional payoff time
May 21 — 5
We successfully installed the new Xserve hardware last night. This was after we upgraded to a full cabinet. Initially, things seemed bleak when we got there. Although we now had four posts to mount on, the rails for the Xserve wouldn't line up on the posts
Following up to the previous entry, We've decided to upgrade to a full rack to get the Xserve solution going. I wanted to share a few details because many of you donate to (and use) the sites that all of this is intended for
Back in January, I asked for suggestions for dedicated hosting. After reading the responses and doing my own research, I decided to go a different route. A new quad-core Xserve arrived a couple of weeks ago, and we went to install it last night but ran into a physics puzzle
Apple extended the WWDC 2007 early registration discount by two weeks, with the final day tomorrow, May 11. You can still register right up until the conference, but the cost goes up after tomorrow. The session lineup looks fantastic, and of course there's a Leopard beta, Apple Design Awards, most likely some iPhone details, and you get to take part in the first WWDC Bash in San Francisco
Tonight's CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting has been moved to Town Hall in Building 4. In addition, Apple has provided us with a number of copies of Aperture to give away to get you guys started writing plug-ins. We'll do a random drawing for both these and the copies of Aperture Exposed
Back in March, I suggested some possible contenders for the 2007 Apple Design Awards. Several apps appeared right before the submission deadline, and it turns out this will be a closer race than I first thought
I don't really use this space for personal notes very often, but in this case, I think it's justified. Daniel Jalkut is getting married today (according to Gus, who has a company named Flying Meat. So take it as you will)
The Apple Bug Reporter is your single greatest tool in influencing the development of the platform. You don't need to be an actual programmer to use it, and it's much more than just a "bug reporter." It's a way to provide any kind of structured feedback on Apple software, hardware, documentation, services, or practically anything
Josh Anon will give a presentation on writing Aperture Plug-ins for the May 10 CocoaHeads in Silicon Valley. Apple has recently published a page dedicated to Aperture add-ons, so it seems the time is right
A number of people have commented on the WWDC bash being moved to San Francisco this year. I don't know the "official" reasoning for it, but I remember very clearly my impression of the bash last year
You have to be some level of design dork to appreciate this, but I noticed an ad for Coda on Daring Fireball today. I assume The Deck allows clients to serve whatever images they like within reason, but this one is a bit special
Friday, April 27 is the last day for the early registration discount for WWDC 2007. This a big year for Mac developers. In my opinion, you absolutely must go at least once. You get to meet the people that actually work on Mac OS X and the frameworks, as well as Mac developers from around the world. (See Flickr/WWDC2006)
An email was sent to Cocoa Dev Central today which suggested that black-on-white text would be better than the current scheme of dark grey on light grey. This is a tricky issue, because it's partially dependent on hardware, partially dependent on biology, and at least partially influenced by print-based publishing

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